Queryplex  allows you to run queries over a set of data sources, leveraging the constellation of compute to help calculate results. Queryplex reaches data wherever it resides, whether on sensors, file systems, text indexes or RDBMSs. A wide variety of sources are supported.

You can define constellations with just a small number of large data sources or a large number of small data sources – it’s all good.

IBM Queryplex  reaches out to a constellation of devices and data sources you define to query data where it lives.  It automatically self-organizes your data nodes into a highly efficient and resilient collaborative network and leverages that structure to multiply computational efficiency. Best of all, to your application the Queryplex service “appears” like a single data repository where your Spark and SQL applications can connect and execute.

Your data stays where it was generated and is always queried at its source. That means when you run queries your results are always up to date, never stale. You don’t have to store your data in somebody else’s  data center. or manage the complexity of shuffling data around the internet. What could be more elegant?

Applications query APIs

Queryplex  allows your application to connect to the service and run queries through a familiar application interface including

  • SQL (supporting variants for Spark, Oracle, Db2, Netezza, PostgreSQL, Informix, SQLServer)
  • R
  • Python
  • PySpark
  • Notebooks
  • Spatial Queries on Db2 and Oracle

Some planned language we hope to support int he future:

  • PL/SQL, and SQL PL stored procedures (including variants of these for Db2, Oracle, and Netezza)

Supported data sources

JDBC sources (RDBMSs)

  • Db2
  • Derby
  • Informix
  • MySQL
  • Netezza
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLServer

Some planned data sources we hope to support soon:

  • MongoDB
  • Text (CSV)
  • Excel files
  • Accumulo
  • Structured web pages (JSON, XML)
  • NEO4J
  • WCA Text index
  • Cloudant
  • Redis


Your data stays secure and private in your own databases with IBM Queryplex, it is not cached in the cloud or on other devices. All queries and results are transmitted with authenticated SSL/TLS encryption between all devices and the cloud service to ensure the privacy of your data.
Credentials for your private databases are stored encrypted at the local device and are private to that device.


The Queryplex  web console provides an interactive interface to query data, manage users and visualize your constellation of data nodes.  Through this console you’ll be able to define constellations of data sources to run queries against.

An autonomous self-driving technology

Queryplex  is an autonomous self-configuring and self-tuning technology. Most of the work for system optimization is automated through machine learning and adaptive algorithms so you can realize benefits quickly and simply.