The Internet of Things will soon produce the majority of the world’s active data. Active data is the data that applications want to query on a regular basis  hourly and daily) not just historically. Queryplex now makes it possible to query this data through SQL across a small or large collection of devices, worldwide. The use cases for querying IoT Data directly at source (without creating a central copy in a data lake or data warehouse) are varied and Queryplex makes this easy, whether querying 2 or 2,000,000 data sources at once.


  • 5G Wireless and Enterprise IoT (Devices anywhere)
  • Cell Tower monitoring
  • Set Top Box home applications, monitoring, Content access statistics

Energy & Utilities:

  • Distribution network monitoring, Smart metering
  • Manufacturing & Cross/Enterprise Time sensitive data queries
  • Insurance Auto usage device monitoring


  • Real-time gaming queries

Media & Entertainment:

  • Subscriber viewing and content correlation
IoT Data: Soon the largest source of the world’s active analytics data